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Let's Build Better Clouds Together - Your CI/CD Experts

[Hybrid] Cloud

Increase your infrastructure's fault tolerance by distributing it. We help you to set up a secure and scalable infrastructure across multiple cloud vendors and your on-premises systems.

Managed CI/CD Services

We operate CI/CD services that will quickly get you started using CI/CD for your project. Together with you, we define CI/CD workflows that suit your development processes and offer support for them.


CI/CD is our motivation and the key to continuous high software quality. Combined with cloud tools it becomes more powerful and will even save you infrastructure costs, while speeding up the test result loop to your developers.

Infrastructure as Code

IaC and version control everything! Be able to deploy your entire infrastructure in minutes. Clone your production environment for truly meaningful test results. Changes to your infrastructure can be easily monitored, audited, and rolled back.


Do not only operate a secure cloud infrastructure (security by design) but also a compliant one (security by default). Together with our legal partners we can provide you with a complete solution for all your technology and data privacy needs.


Serverless = Payless & Painless: We can help you to develop and set up high available and scalable cloud optimized applications that only incur costs when your customers use them. It is easier to maintain and will save you ops costs.


We always appreciate it when our clients provide us with feedback. Here is a selection of them in the language of our client.

Why with wintercloud?


Our business grew up with AWS and we supported the biggest AWS customer in Germany to deploy their first applications cloud optimized. We do not stop here but aim to help each company with their migrations.

Cloud-Native & Open-Source Mix

Cloud-Native is great but not always open-source and therefore does not always fit with your requirements. We know the CI/CD tool landscape and find the mix that suits you best.

Continuous Knowledge Transfer

Repetition is the key to mastery. We share our knowledge as often as possible - sustainable in small groups or via pair programming. Thus, it is important to include those sessions from the beginning, when planning the project. Anything else will facilitate the creation information silos.

Passionate CI/CD

CI/CD is not just a trend but our passion and a solid method to continuously increase the quality of software as well as to decrease the time-to-market. More stable software can be delivered faster and we will not get tired of repeating the advantages. To implement CI/CD concepts in the cloud for you is our aim and the meaning behind wintercloud.


If your requirements are not technically feasible or will result in operative problems in the future, we will discuss that openly with you instead of implementing it with a headache. Well thought CI/CD is challenging, a company-wide effort and needs brave decisions which sometimes still have to mature within the company. Once we start working together, we will update you frequently about the project status and will raise issues as soon as we become aware of them.


We question the current approach of processes and decisions based on legacy assumptions - including ours - instead of implementing workarounds. Too often processes are unnecessarily complex just because "it has always been like that" or the knowledge has left the company. Complexity hinders maintainability and operations.

Missing a fancy bullet point about our competency? May this beloved phrase of Tywin Lannister scatter your doubts: "Any man who must say 'I am the King' is no true King." Be aware, wintercloud is coming!

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