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About Us


Let's Build Better Clouds Together - We are passionate Cloud-Natives and your CI/CD Experts. Our aim is to implement maintainable, secure, and preferably serverless CI/CD workflows for every business. We want everyone to benefit from more stable services and faster feature releases. Based on our experience, cloud and CI/CD combine well together as you can design CI/CD workflows way more flexible to save infrastructure costs. We start with the design of your Git staging concept, then continue to architect your secure cloud infrastructure in order to finally deploy your software to operate as a highly available cloud-optimized application. During the life cycle of the project we facilitate a well-proven continuous knowledge transfer.

Based on the idea to deploy and operate serverless infrastructures, meaning non permanently running, thus cold (--> winter) infrastructures in the cloud, we founded wintercloud in 2015. If you look closely, you will see a Lambda sign in our logo, which is the symbol for functional programming in serverless architectures. Our principle to only release well-tested software and architectures led us quickly to focus on a comprehensive CI/CD practice, which works very well in combination with serverless patterns. As passionate we are about CI/CD we are serious about security in the cloud. Based on our roots we focus on serverless security services.

Starting with serverless implementations based on AWS lambda, our business grew up with AWS and we supported the biggest AWS customer in Germany to deploy their first applications cloud optimized. By now we even operate our own CI/CD BUILT4.CLOUD SaaS solutions. We are passionate open-source contributors and find the Cloud-Native & Open-Source mix that suits you best. To implement CI/CD concepts and architectures in the cloud for you is our aim and the meaning behind wintercloud.



DevOps Engineer & Co-Founder



IoT Developer & Product Manager



Cloud Security Architect & Co-Founder

Our office

Our office is centrally located in Heidelberg close to the central train station and easy to reach. The building was home to the former fire station of Heidelberg - now it is managed by Dezernat 16, a hub for creative and innovative companies. Here we can engage in cross-sector collaborations and create sustainable synergies with our direct neighbors. On the picture below you can find us in the left wing of the building. Stop by when you are in the area!


Our added value

  • Managed CI/CD Services
  • Secure Infrastructure as Code
  • Serverless Application Development
  • CI/CD BUILT4.CLOUD Workflows
  • [Hybrid] Cloud Architectures
  • Optimizing Applications for Cloud Operations

Our principles

  • Security by Design & Default
  • You Build It, You Run It
  • Continuous Knowledge Transfer
  • Serverless = Payless & Painless
  • Everything as Code & Automate Everything
  • Cloud-Native & Open-Source Mix

Clients who trust us


We always appreciate it when our clients provide us with feedback. Here is a selection of them in the language of our client.