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A CI/CD pipeline increases the quality of your software and ensures that features and bug fixes can always be deployed. However, automatically deploying well tested software in production is always a company-wide effort that every team inside your organization has to live and follow through. If well executed, your business is rewarded with a shorter time-to-market and more stable software, which ultimately leads to a competitive advantage.


Our added value

We are here to help you with that challenging transition on an organizational and logical level: We will analyze your current development process as well as your deployment workflow and build a customized CI/CD solution, based on your requirements and our best practices, that encompasses every step from commit to production. The technical details vary by client but the overall solution promotes an automated testing and deployment process that log every step and ensures a working production environment while delivering new features and bug fixes seamlessly.

Automated tests are a must in any CI/CD pipeline and every potential release has to pass them. Leveraging the flexibility of cloud services in combination with modern and open-source CI/CD tools enables you to test your software more cost-effectively and faster: Dynamic test infrastructure on demand allows you to save infrastructure costs while still guaranteeing your highest level of software quality.

With our broad expertise in consulting SMEs to large scale international enterprises, we have a solid understanding of what should be automated how to be maintainable without introducing a complex tool landscape that would facilitate information silos. Also, make sure to have a look at this ever changing landscape of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to see the big picture of CI/CD.