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The requirements of new businesses are numerous and diverse. That's why we provide individual services suited for startups. You might just need some consulting on how to build your infrastructure or you want us to host your entire production system. You don't know yet what you need? No problem: Contact us and we will discuss together with you the best solution for your requirements. This is free of charge for startups.


What we can offer

Hosting and maintaining your infrastructure in the cloud

Every startup starts small – and some grow faster than initially planned. A solid, reliable, and flexible cloud infrastructure is the foundation for such a rapidly developing business. A scalable cloud platform and the access to cutting-edge technology allow you to meet the growing demand of your business and customers.

Infrastructure that grows with your demands and only incurs costs for actually used resources while delivering workload-independent high availability is just one of the many advantages that cloud solutions provide. We will build your cloud infrastructure exactly according to your requirements and apply our experience in designing fault-tolerant systems. This includes, but is not limited to, development and test environments, your website and high available production environments.

Design and implementation of CI/CD pipelines for your project

One of the key factors for the success of your businesses is your "Time-To-Market" – the time it takes for your product to be available for sale. Short development cycles give you a major advantage over the competition. A crucial element is the time that it takes to add features and fix bugs in your software. A well-designed CI/CD pipeline can make the difference by ensuring that your software is tested and ready to be deployed to production at all times. We build your CI/CD pipelines for your product so that you can release your product faster than the competition.

Development of cloud-optimized applications

If software is optimized for cloud usage, it is better suited for scaling and high availability, as well as cheaper to maintain and run in production environments. We know how to leverage the advantages of cloud solutions and how to integrate them in applications. We can either consult you on how to develop cloud-optimized applications or implement your application entirely by ourselves. A cutting-edge technology we like to use are so called severless applications. Contact us to find out more about it and if it can be used for your product.