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There are plenty of regulations and laws in place that your business has to comply with, in particular when it comes to personal data. The most recent one being the new European general data protection regulation (or GDPR). It was shouted from every conference rooftop. By now the dust settled a bit but it is still a highly challenging task, especially for SMEs without their own legal department.


Our added value

We appreciate those new regulations and greatly value the protection of personal data. We are here to support you implementing those resulting technical changes as easy and as secure as possible. You do not need to act as proxy to forward the legal advice you get from your lawyer to your IT service department to trigger those changes. With less communication and coordination overhead, your company has more resources to focus on its core business.

We do not offer legal advice by ourselves. To provide you with this complete solution, we work together with an outstanding law firm that has a long practice in IT and data privacy law. Get to know our partners.

Based on your data privacy requirements derived from your consultation with our legal partner, we can discuss already internally technological reasonable solutions. As a result you will save time by coordinating less.