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Infrastructure as Code

Your infrastructure is likely to grow in complexity by the year due to an increase of testing environments, (micro)services, and stricter security measurements. It is becoming more challenging to keep track of those changes whereas a minor configuration flaw in the cloud can lead to a production outage. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure that all test environments are configured equal to production in order to trust the test results of your automated software tests.


Our added value

We strongly believe in infrastructure as code (IaC) and its documentation along with it. Manual changes to your company's productive infrastructure are not allowed and are only possible by a logged and automated method. IaC in combination with a version control system allows you to track any changes in your infrastructure and to seamlessly rollback in case of a configuration issue.

Once defined as code, you can deploy your infrastructure within minutes. This is particularly cost-saving for environments that are not needed 24x7, like your test environments. In addition, you can quickly clone your infrastructure to another independent data center for fail-over scenarios or business expansion.

Your automated tests become truly meaningful as you can unambiguously track in your code the differences between your production and test environment. The scope for which your test results are valid becomes well defined.

Infrastructure as code also lets you set up alarms that monitor changes to your security related infrastructure configurations, such as NACLs and firewall definitions, and role them back automatically. Additionally, security patches can be rolled out version controlled with a single code change.

IaC in hybrid cloud architectures is a challenging topic and there are great open-source tools to get started. However, we experienced that cloud native tools are still more reliable in productive environments. In the end, the cloud provider itself knows best how to maintain its own infrastructure and naturally mostly only supports its own tools. For AWS as cloud provider, this clearly promotes the use of CloudFormation as IaC tool.

Implementing reusable CloudFormation templates for our customers is clearly one of our strong suits. Together with CI/CD tools we can automate the entire infrastructure life-cycle of each environment. Besides the initial definition of your infrastructure as code, we also support its optimization and migrations from on-premises data centers.