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Managed CI/CD Services

There are numerous CI/CD tools, most of them open-source and with overlapping features. Tool decisions within teams of a company are often made based on existing skills within that team. While this is not unsound per se and comes with certain advantages, it will ultimately lead to a complex tool landscape across the company as each self-organized team will not choose the same tool for the same task. Once certain key technology experts, who were part of the decision process, left the company, the advantages of those tools might be negligible. This is the classic story of a how tool chaos is being created and people start wondering why this was not decided centrally for all teams in the first place.


Our added value

That's exactly what we are here for - to be your central point of contact for all your CI/CD requests. We stay up-to-date with the latest CI/CD tools and evaluate their different approaches. Additionally we are backed up by our experience of best practices which tools work best in production environments and which of them work well together. Following this approach, we try to keep the amount of tools to a minimum while covering all common CI/CD tasks to not get lost in a tool, framework, and language chaos.

In our experience it is more sustainable to introduce a few new tools and close knowledge gaps fast instead of make biased decisions. As result every team is working together, can help each other better, and even reuse common functions. Besides, teams can be switched quite seamlessly from a technical point of view.

We are happy to get to know you, your use cases, and requirements so that we can recommend the most suitable tools for your workflow and support your team to get started with them. Once implemented, you can be sure that there is no havoc within the productive tool usage and that they work well together. To get a sound overview about the different tools out there, have a look at the periodic table of DevOps tools of XebiaLabs an the Technology Radar of ThoughtWorks.

Going beyond our consultancy services, we also host and manage selected CI/CD solutions: CI/CD BUILT4.CLOUD SaaS - We operate those services cloud optimized as this enables us to design CI/CD workflows way more flexible to save infrastructure costs. Our CI/CD BUILT4.CLOUD SaaS solutions have a strong focus on data privacy and therefore offer a unique service for you. As we just released those services quite recently, they do not cover every CI/CD aspect yet but they are stable. Most importantly, it will enable you to focus even more on your clients while you can be sure that the pipeline is running.