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Our Memberships

In our point of view, only active memberships are sustainable and reasonable. However, active memberships can allocate quite some time. Therefore, we choose them with great care.


EuroCloud Native (ECN) is a new initiative by the EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V. (EuroCloud), a governing body of the Cloud-Computing-Economy in Germany. Since 2020, the ECN specifically addresses providers of public cloud based solutions and services whereas the majority are young companies or startups. Founded by experts in the field, the ECN is not only a professional forum for Cloud-Native topics but also a first point of contact for questions of the press. The initiative is led by the board of EuroCloud and supported by expert advisers among its members. Cloud-Native applications are developed in the public cloud and for the public cloud. By being scalable, flexible, and agile, they utilize their full technological potential.


We are member of the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN e.V.), the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide. Standards are an essential building block in IT, in particular important for IT security, to develop auditable systems. Beyond that, we are part of the DIN Standards Committee for Information Technology and selected IT Applications (NIA) working at the Subordinate Committee Identity management and privacy technologies (NA 043-01-27-05 AK) which allows us to contribute towards the international standards by ISO.

Webpräsenz der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

Detecting Cyber-Risks together and implementing risk mitigations. As active participant of the Alliance for Cyber-Security (ACS), we strengthen the network and get an overview of the current cyber threat level.

Our Partners

A strong business needs strong partners. We built strong partnerships and do not only work with many open-source tools but focus on the integration of products and services of the following companies:


Amazing managed services, biggest cloud provider, data centers across the globe, and just incredibly fast support – that's AWS. They offer well proven Infrastructure as Code tools and are the go-to provider for serverless applications.


The European cloud provider with a strong focus on open-source – Exoscale provided by A1 Digital. Very lightweight, fast, and simple to use. We are particularity amazed by their incredibly fast server boot times (below 30 seconds!) which is perfect for very dynamic workloads.


With a long practice in IT and data privacy law, the law firm of Thomas Bierlein is our first call for anything related to compliance in cloud infrastructures.

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