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Gitlab Runner

Why CI/CD in the cloud?

By providing our BUILT4.CLOUD SaaS offerings we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to implement CI/CD workflows and ultimately increase their software quality. Our services facilitate your agile transformation and optimize existing agile methods. Based on our experience, CI/CD reveals its full potential in the cloud as we can design CI/CD workflows way more flexible that scale easily on demand and are just payable per use. A well implemented CI/CD workflow has a direct positive impact on software quality and shortens development cycles which results in a clear competitive advantage.

Why GitLab?

GitLab is one of the most successful version control systems for software development. It is used for example by IBM, NASA, CERN and SpaceX. A key factor for its success is a strong focus and good integration of CI/CD workflows. It presents a complete solution for all test integration and orchestration tasks as well as deployments. A central building block of this solution is GitLab Runner, which executes your CI/CD workflows.

Why with us?

GitLab also offers reliable Runner for free. As a German company, we additionally provide a data processing addendum to guarantee the protection of your data. We provision all our Runner in Exoscale - a Swiss cloud provier and strong partner. Our SaaS offering includes support for setting up your GitLab Pipelines, SLAs, and customizable hardware configuration.