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Gitlab Runner

CI/CD BUILT4.CLOUD - Register now for a free and managed GitLab Runner hosted by the Swiss cloud provider Exoscale.

Why CI/CD in the cloud?

By providing our BUILT4.CLOUD SaaS offerings we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to implement CI/CD workflows and ultimately increase their software quality. Our services facilitate your agile transformation and optimize existing agile methods. Based on our experience, CI/CD reveals its full potential in the cloud as we can design CI/CD workflows way more flexible that scale easily on demand and are just payable per use. A well implemented CI/CD workflow has a direct positive impact on software quality and shortens development cycles which results in a clear competitive advantage.

Why GitLab?

GitLab is one of the most successful version control systems for software development. It is used for example by IBM, NASA, CERN and SpaceX. A key factor for its success is a strong focus and good integration of CI/CD workflows. It presents a complete solution for all test integration and orchestration tasks as well as deployments. A central building block of this solution is GitLab Runner, which executes your CI/CD workflows.

Why with us?

GitLab also offers reliable Runner for free. As a German company, we additionally provide a data processing addendum to guarantee the protection of your data. We provision all our Runner in Exoscale - a Swiss cloud provier and strong partner. Our paid SaaS offering includes support for setting up your GitLab Pipelines, SLAs, and customizable hardware configuration. Also, feel free to use it if you ran out of free GitLab Runner minutes - no matter if it is for public or private projects.

Why for free?

We do that because we are certain that CI/CD improves the quality of every software and that getting started with CI/CD should be as easy as possible - secure and with proper data protection. Moreover, we would love to hear your feedback about our service and what we could improve.

How to get started?

To make your managed CI/CD journey as seamless as possible you just need to fill out the form below to request a managed GitLab Runner with our standard configuration for free. You can use it with your GitLab account, either on or self-hosted. The Runner will register automatically and you can start using it. If you need help setting up GitLab or you need a Runner with more performance or support then just contact us.

Next steps

If you send the form below, then the next steps are:

  1. We send you an email with a confirmation link
  2. Once you clicked on the link, we check your data and any additional requests you might have sent us and provision the Runner for your project in GitLab (usually within one business day) or get in contact with you, if you left us a message
  3. We send you a short email to confirm that your Runner is ready to use

Your free GitLab Runner

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A note about the Token: You find it in your GitLab Project under Settings -- CI/CD. Be careful with this Token as everyone who has it can register a Runner at your project and therefore potentially receives read access to your project. Because of that we encrypt your token on client-site in your Browser before it is sent to us - only we can decrypt it. You can also leave that field empty if you want to send us that Token by another way or if you don't know which Token to enter here.