Hybrid Cloud

The number of cloud services is constantly growing. Many vendors offer similar services, whereas other services are just outstanding and without competition. It is getting tougher to follow up on all those cost saving features and new system vulnerabilities while the pace is still increasing.

What we can offer

Focus on your products and services again while we take care of your infrastructure needs. Together we analyze your requirements and choose a well-suited combination of cloud services that have been proven reliable in production environments.

By implementing a hybrid cloud architecture, your business can benefit from the best native cloud services of each vendor. This model is not restricted to technology stacks but also takes other aspects into consideration: For example, you could benefit from the usual economic prices of US cloud vendors for computing workflows and store your data for compliance reasons in European clouds.

Following another approach, a hybrid cloud setup can prove to your share holders that your business is strictly cloud agnostic and will not be affected by a cloud provider outage, thus it removes a single point of failure inside your infrastructure. You can make sure that your business is not dependent on the price politics of a single company and get rid of any vendor lock.

We choose our cloud partners very carefully. Together with them we are able to provide you with a wide-range of services along different price points and SLAs. Despite your distributed systems, wintercloud can be your single point of contact for your support cases.