Managed Services

Operating a secure and high available service is an entire business by itself. Comparing SLAs of cloud vendors, staying on top of the latest security patches, optimizing cost efficiency, as well as ensuring business continuity takes it up another notch.

What we can offer

Your developers should develop, your managers should manage, and your services should serve – that's what we are here for.

You do not want to operate your services but you want your services to deliver exceptional customer experience. While you focus on customer satisfaction and maintain business relations, we maintain and monitor your infrastructure across all your cloud providers. The test environments are for your developers as important as the production environment is to your costumers.

We follow security by default principles wherever possible and stay up to date with the latest vulnerabilities and exposures. We can run intrusion detection and prevention systems for you or just automatically recreate your entire environment to purge any possible intruder.

From commit to production, we offer and operate high available and scalable services for every step of your application release life cycle and in-house services.